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apologies for advertisements

I was concerned over the unexpected presence of flash ads attached to words here and there in my last post. However I have now discovered that these arose from the … Continue reading

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2013 and start of a new year

Over the holiday period I visited an exhibition, From Death to Death…, which I had been looking forward to for some weeks. It took all my available time to see … Continue reading

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last of autumn work 2012 from drawing course

I brought home my work from the class storage drawer – handy at the time but involves a deal of searching gingerly through charcoal studies and the likes. The still … Continue reading

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method for creating texture in life drawing

I recently went on a drop-in basis to a life drawing session with Look and Draw. We were using a method of frequently changing the orientation of the drawing before … Continue reading

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still life from drawing course

This piece was painted in acrylics during the LSA drawing/painting course autumn term. It is on A1 paper.

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from my current sketchbook

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trying out a drawing medium

A friend gave me a small amount of pulverised material, made from the inner lining of the shell. A tiny quantity of this with water added and left to soak … Continue reading

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Galapagos and hammerhead sharks

The current exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh displays the wide-ranging responses of a group of artists who spent a residency on the Galapagos Archipelago. I was intrigued and … Continue reading

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the scottish gaidhealtachd (updated)

Recently I attended a talk full of interest, at Edinburgh Printmakers: “Printmaking and the Scottish Gaidhealtachd”. All the talks I’ve attended there have been informative and enjoyable so I booked … Continue reading

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a whale’s ear-bone and other things

The ear bone of a Blue Whale was displayed in¬†an exhibition I recently visited. It entranced me, as I tried to imagine the sounds the whale would experience¬†via this large … Continue reading

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